GSA Seeks Contractors to Help with Recruiting

GSA recently released an RFI looking for contractors to help fill positions within their Technology Transformation Service, the group that works across the government to upgrade aging government technology. Apparently, they are struggling to hire security engineers, applications engineers and customer experience specialists, among others. Furthermore, the winning contractor will only be required to search […]

Feds Inching Towards e-Marketplace for COTS

In response to the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), specifically Section 846, GSA recently submitted its phase two implementation plan to Congress for establishing a federal e-commerce portal for buying commercial products. The legislation directed GSA to “…establish a program to procure commercial products through commercial e-commerce portals for purposes of enhancing competition, expediting […]

The Future of the Federal Workforce

There’s an old adage asserting that once hired as a federal employee, you have a job for life because the Government rarely fires anyone. Outside active duty careers in the military, which is uniquely designed to incentivize service tenure, the federal civilian workforce at large is a relatively static body that does not fluctuate much […]

Census Bureau Using AI to Speed Up Security Authorizations

The Census Bureau has a team of innovation specialists working to accelerate the process for getting security authorizations—known as an Authority To Operate, or ATO—for new systems and applications. Among their potential solutions: Developing an artificial intelligence bot that offers wisdom from successful ATOs. ATO’s under their normal process are typically plagued by long lead […]

Bureau of Labor Statistics Has Automated 85% of Its Survey Workload

BLS processes hundreds of thousands of surveys each year to provide the government and public with essential data about society and the economy. Implementing machine learning and artificial intelligence has radically transformed their productivity, freed up its workforce to perform fewer menial tasks and has resulted in more accurate survey analysis. Historically, converting the text-heavy […]