The Blackdragon Difference

Blackdragon is truly unconventional and more value-added in many ways as compared to traditional employers and unexciting body-shop consulting firms in our space who pass themselves off as “partners,” as unique, innovative and disruptive, etc. but are really the same old boring thing in a new wrapper.

Global Coalition—Strength In Numbers

Blackdragon is a continuously expanding, global coalition of freelance talent and expertise, relevant resources, leadership experience, institutional knowledge, and professional network of networks—united under one banner for the purpose of revolutionizing the way federal contracts are identified, qualified, pursued and ultimately won. It is a vast, living, dynamic, and kaleidoscopic ecosystem with on-demand availability that is always strengthening itself. Resources most often shared among coalition members include:

  • Personnel/Talent
  • Technical Solutioning Capabilities
  • Research and Analysis Capability
  • Strategizing Expertise
  • Latest Business Intelligence
  • Access to Networks
  • Competitive Landscape Information & Market Developments
  • Relevant Experience
  • Technological Capacity
  • And Much More

Legitimate Marketplace

The Blackdragon marketplace is the first and only of its kind. In our marketplace, volumes of upcoming contract opportunities and short-term projects from many sources feed into and flow through each year. As opportunities (aka “Deals”) flow through, they are broken down into the many variables and features constituting that opportunity which triggers our matchmaking technology to begin attempting to identify, outreach, and shape the most optimum arrangement of Dragon talent, proficiencies and resources that align with that deal.

At the same time, the marketplace technology analyzes various bidder companies for whom that deal might be a winnable good fit for their respective eligibility and capabilities. Best fitting candidates from both ecosystems of Dragons and Bidder Clients are quickly prompted to consider applying for final selection and formation into a “Dream Team.” Each team of Dragons that form for each opportunity optimally aligned to a specific bidder client is unique unto itself and will dynamically self-adjust throughout the project to keep PWin maximized up until final contract award.

Authentic Matchmaker

Blackdragon is the premier matchmaker in the federal industry that is objectively oriented around statistically and scientifically plotting the most optimum teaming arrangement of bidder clients plus the ideal solution to win each potential contract. “Matchmaking” has become an overused buzzword tossed around the federal industry to attract attention but below the surface most matchmaking claims prove to be little more than digital catalogs to choose from or primitive spreadsheets or just extraneous shared contact lists. Don’t kid yourself; that is not winning.

Blackdragon’s matchmaking is different from all others because we only focus on what it will take to win each targeted contract and nothing else. This means our prescribed matches for bidder clients and Blackdragon Deal Teams are custom calculated by a combination of data modeling, processing volumes of business intelligence, conducting analysis on large data sets and validating our forecasts through real-time crowdsourcing for expert opinions extracted from a deep and wide enterprise of industry professionals who are in-the-know for each deal.

Strategic Partnerships

Blackdragon’s array of interrelated strategic partnerships (internal and external) with service vendors, countless product providers and technology firms, professional trade organizations, lobby firms and much more are key to our ever-increasing capacity. Pooling relevant knowledge, experiences, and resources empowers members to maximize their readiness and effectiveness by rapidly self-forming into custom, scalable teams of experts that complement one another. This enables our leadership to quickly articulate and mobilize others around a common vision and to powerfully assemble the ‘just right’ mix of skills, experience, and working familiarity to capitalize on each new opportunity.

100% Freelance Experts, No Staff Employees To Make Billable and No Subcontracting

Similar to other popular matchmaking platforms such as Uber which is the world’s largest taxi company but doesn’t employ any fulltime W-2 drivers or owns the cars it uses, or the world’s largest accommodations provider—Airbnb—does not own the real estate it makes money with, Blackdragon functions to win any targeted federal contract but does not perform them. Contracts won by Blackdragon are performed by our bidder clients who specialize in delivering such products and services.

Freelance Experts Enjoy Equal Control Over Influencing Market Activity

Increasing numbers of studies and reports show that as much as 34 percent of current US workers’ incomes come from performing on-demand work with the rest coming from a traditional full or part time job, contracting, consulting or running a business. That number is projected to reach 50 percent within the decade. Unlike anywhere else, the Blackdragon marketplace empowers freelance experts to proactively capitalize on their respective value in the federal contracting industry before they know who their final client may be. Dragons who are familiar and best-fitted to certain upcoming contract opportunities can self-form into “Dream Teams” long before the final client to sponsor the project has been secured.

This means, unlike ever before, Blackdragon is facilitating a groundbreaking transformation from where only the bidder clients decide what bids will be pursued, by whom, how aggressively, which companies will team and why, what amounts of B&P budgets will be allocated to each opportunity and which industry experts will engaged by those firms respectively. Today, special teams of united Dragons equally shape the competitive landscape by autonomously committing to winning an upcoming targeted contract and then selecting the best-fitting prime client that gives them the best shot of winning. The freelance experts are now working as motivated opportunists with a shared entrepreneurial mission, as a unified global coalition to call the shots, on their terms. They are no longer waiting for the industry players to hopefully pick them, they are picking the industry players.

Blackdragon Has Productized the Full Spectrum of Everything Necessary to Identify, Qualify, Pursue and Ultimately Win Targeted Federal Contracts

Productized services are services that are packaged, sold and delivered just like products. They are easy to identify, select, and buy. They are more predictable, agile, and scalable than purchasing billable hours or full-time employees to perform degrees of services under a wide range of quality, accuracy, uniformity and timeliness.

A Productized Service is “the whole thing done for you.” In other words, it is a faster, and often more effective way for clients to get results they want, when they want it, at a reasonable price. The client does not need to invest any of their own time or resources, nor do they need to learn any new skills or perfect different techniques or deal with the headaches associated with managing all the inputs and steps of complex processes. This aspect alone adds significant value to the client’s bottom line and liberates their organizations to function at higher levels of performance with enhanced efficiency.

Blackdragon has pioneered a way to turn manual, hands-on, widely varied strategy, planning, business development, capture, and proposal activities into a portfolio of distinct products and services that can be purchased on-demand and delivered in greater scale, with improved consistency, more swiftly and affordably than ever before.

Blackdragon bidder clients enjoy the benefit of getting the best ‘bang for their buck’ when they optimize the alignment of their entire bid and proposal (B&P) investment strategy. Too often, these investment strategies are poorly designed, poorly executed, or both. Our combination of optional subscription services paired with our Modular Capture™ products and comprehensive set of Modular Proposal services help mitigate strategy imbalances such as neglecting or “starving” one segment of the new business life cycle because another segment is ill planned or wastefully implemented.

Bidder clients place their orders for AaaS, PLaaS, CaaS or WaaS products/services with Blackdragon which are entered into our online marketplace. Leveraging the power of technology-based crowdsourcing, analytics and vast professional networks, Blackdragon’s powerful matchmaking system is activated to locate, validate, screen and select the best-fitting, highest trained, most competent and utmost experienced freelance subject matter expert or group of experts to complete each deliverable on schedule within the fixed fee. We perform quality assurance on all deliverables produced to ensure they meet or exceed our high-standards before they are released to the bidder client. Bidder clients can trust Blackdragon to deliver first-rate products and services on time and to stand behind every product and service delivered by way of our worldwide living ecosystem of talent and consolidated resource pools.