• Largest, fastest growing bid and proposal (B&P) company in the US
  • Online matchmaking marketplace with thousands of experts and clients
  • Full spectrum, customized solutions available for purchase on-demand
We are not just playing an old game better.
We are changing the game entirely.
How The Marketplace Works

Bid Smarter. Win More. Live Better.

We are a global coalition of experts with one mission
— to win contracts for our clients.

The Blackdragon Marketplace accelerates and streamlines the full-spectrum of strategic planning, business development, capture management and proposal efforts, to maximize PWin for bidder clients more effectively and efficiently than ever before.

Shift Your Mindset To Buying Complete “Just-Right” Outcomes For Winning Contracts, Not Time Logged

There’s the old, slow and expensive approach of staffing each job with assorted individuals and there’s simple outsourcing of the whole job to be completed by reliable specialists best-fitted for the task.

Blackdragon is the federal contracting industry’s most advanced technology platform where bidder clients purchase distinct on-demand fixed price solutions and our innovative matchmaking marketplace finds the right experts who quickly create the customized deliverables.

  • Better – higher quality with improved consistency
  • Faster – agile responsiveness with rapid turnarounds
  • Cheaper – more cost effective because clients buy precise fixed price deliverables created by the most qualified experts instead of their time logged or carrying unproductive overhead costs linked to poor-fitting employees = improved ROI

Our Suite of On-Demand Products and Services

As the largest and fastest growing bid and proposal (B&P) company throughout the federal industry, Blackdragon is the only of its kind full-spectrum outsource solution that wins entire contracts on behalf of bidder clients. Our disruptive platform serves as a matchmaking marketplace combining powerful aspects of the rising Gig Economy completely rethinking the value chain.


With a constantly expanding worldwide, real-time ecosystem of talent, Blackdragon creates an innovative and unparalleled competitive advantage by helping the right bidder clients win the contracts that are right for them. These fixed price, on-demand services enable clients to bid 2x (or more) opportunities per year, with greater speed, more agility, improved overall effect, better efficiency, and lower risk within existing B&P resources.

The Blackdragon integrated suite of on-demand products and services are designed to help bidder clients win targeted contracts in the shortest time with lowest investment risks and minimal disruption to daily operations. It is a powerful collection of complementary attributes for winning, sharing a common objective and the ability to easily exchange data with each other.

Maximize Market Awareness and

Advising-as-a-Service™ (AaaS) is deliverable-based subscription consulting support to optimize market positioning and agility. It provides tailored business strategies with custom marketing plans that shape “Why” select contracts are investment worthy and others are not. Optional expert lobbying and high-level advocacy services available by special request (pricing varies).

Learn more, including a 2-minute video, on this Advising-as-a-Service landing page.

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Focus On The Right Opportunities

Pipeline-as-a-Service ® (PLaaS) is a deliverable-based subscription recommending opportunities that are custom calculated to have the best fit to client's profile with highest projected winnability for bid consideration. This service uses heuristic analysis and social networking to filter out the most likely winnable contracts aligned with client´s strategic objectives.

Learn more, including a 2-minute video, on this Pipeline-as-a-Service landing page.

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Optimize Investments To Strengthen Bidder Confidence

Capture-as-a-Service ® (CaaS) are opportunity-specific, a la carte, fixed price capture products. We offer 17 Modular Capture ® products available for purchase on-demand. Choose any combination of affordable, fast turnaround, high quality custom deliverables created by the most relevant industry experts available. Buy precisely what you need to improve your PWin, when you need it and go!

Learn more, including a 2-minute video, on this Capture-as-a-Service landing page.

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Customized Dynamic Talent Matching For Each Deal

Winning-as-a-Service ® (WaaS) are opportunity-specific, a la carte proposal support services including the Blackdragon flagship offering, fixed price WaaS Dream Teams. We offer 11 Modular Proposal services available for purchase on-demand.

Learn more, including a 2-minute video, on this Winning-as-a-Service landing page.

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