“Really Sharpens My Technical Skills” by Technical Writer, Srikant M.

“I really love Blackdragon’s process to give our clients a technically compelling proposal. I love working with professionals who review my work, strengthen it, graphically depict it and give the client a great proposal. I love the collaboration and the sense of teamwork. I think more government clients should use Blackdragon, as they have a […]

“Top quality personnel assembled on every team” by Pricing Manager, Fred H.

“Blackdragon offers organizations new to government proposals, and those with limited or maxed out capacity, the opportunity to field a first rate proposal team, including agency and technology SMEs, as needed. Blackdragon’s extensive rolodex of writers, SMEs, proposal professionals, and ex-procurement officials allows formation of whatever expert team is required to prepare superior proposal submissions. […]

“We only win if they win” by Solution Architect, Musharaf R.

“As the Solution Architect and Capture/Proposal SME, I have been involved with Blackdragon for a few years, working with several of their clients, resulting in multiple wins. Blackdragon has really changed the game by minimizing upfront investment, especially for SMBs; and we only win if they win; nowhere else is this possible. They seem to […]

“The best proposal professionals in the business” by SME, Srikant M.

“I love Blackdragon.  It gives me the opportunity to help small and medium business expand their bidding ability.  We offer them the opportunity to deliver to their customers solutions they have in their arsenal but cannot bring it to bear on their own.  The platform has allowed me to partner with the best proposal professionals […]