Small Business, Specializing in Mobile Application Development, Testing, Deployment and Support

“Our company is small but highly specialized with very talented engineers and technical experts who are renowned complex problem solvers in the eyes of our very demanding Government Customers. Blackdragon helped us go after a contract with a new Customer in DoD that we wanted to penetrate but had no capture, no relevant relationships or institutional knowledge of that agency. They built a remarkable team of hand-crafted SME’s practically overnight that not only knew the culture of the agency and various stakeholders within, but they all had a rich understanding of what it would take to make us competitive in this new domain. We lost to the much larger well-entrenched incumbent, but the experience with Blackdragon was energizing and well worth it. It was refreshing and completely different from our worn-out practice of hiring hourly consultants for surge support. The Dragons were extremely competent, ultra-professional and a pleasure to work with. The normal proposal stress we are accustomed to was replaced with peace of mind. It didn’t take long to realize we were in good hands and our trust in them quickly formed. We have an accomplished staff and we are very proud of their abilities at proposal time, but there is no way we could have prepared the same bid response under the same conditions by ourselves. Truly amazing.”