Small Business, Financial Management and Acquisition Management

“Blackdragon’s on-demand capture services were very helpful in laying the critical groundwork that we needed to prepare for a large bid with a DoD agency. This was our largest undertaking ever, as a company. We built on that capture investment and used Blackdragon to lead our company in the actual proposal preparation. They were great. The repeated extensions from the Government really made us appreciate Blackdragon’s fixed price model. There’s no way we could have gotten the same level of high-quality support from a large team of experts on a 24/7 basis over those months if we had to contend with salaries or paying for hourly consultants. It would have bled us dry where we would have faced no-bidding after so much invested to date or we would have had to finish with the bare minimal resources just to complete the proposal. Neither would have given us a very good PWin. Still waiting to hear on this one, but we are very pleased with what was submitted.”