Mid-Size Professional Services Firm

“We were pleased with Blackdragon’s new take on providing capture support via their Capture-as-a-Service menu of on-demand products. Our firm had identified a very large upcoming opportunity with part of DoD that we had outstanding relevant past performance for but no contracts and relationships. A contract of this magnitude was a stretch but determined to be must bid for the company. But how? We didn’t have the internal ability to effectively penetrate this large, new customer enterprise and we lacked the capability to orchestrate the robustness an undertaking like this would require. We began our relationship with Blackdragon by first purchasing several of their CaaS products which were excellent. They gave our leadership confidence this would be a lot of work, but it is winnable. Overall, we have been heavily engaged with many experts of all talents from Blackdragon for the better part of a year on a fixed price plus incentive basis—this would not have been affordable or even manageable if it had been conducted hourly. Blackdragon has carried the load like a champ from the very first hour. In the end, we believe the final product submitted is a fantastic and very compelling proposal. We look forward to celebrating the win!”