Mid-Size, Fast-Growing Federal Solutions Provider

“Our company has used Blackdragon no less than five times now and we have even won new contracts with their help. They are always fast on their feet and quickly re-align to fill any ‘holes’ detected in the team’s ability to respond to the proposal at hand. We’ve used them for large and small bids, some well captured and others were total blue birds. Blackdragon performed well in all cases. If there were a downside in Blackdragon, it’s that they are so good at covering every detail of winning the targeted contract for you (turnkey) that your own people can get spoiled by not having to deal with the common stress and strain associated with that proposal. With Blackdragon, it’s almost like our folks get so comfortable they just start pitching them the keys asking them to lock up when they leave. Plenty of good things we can say about Blackdragon that we cannot say about most of the conventional hourly resume pushers out there.”