Large IT and Professional Services Company

“Blackdragon intrigued us. Being completely outcome-oriented and jointly accountable for winning instead of simply providing hourly “support,” they are unlike any org we’ve ever worked with. Our leadership decided to pursue a bluebird as our first encounter with Blackdragon. With no incumbency, zero teammates, no capture whatsoever we wanted to bid on recompete IDIQ at an agency we’ve never met but we did have exceptional Past Performance which motivated us. RFP was 6 days old by the time we engaged Blackdragon; 24 days remained before proposals were due. An incredible Deal Team formed within just a few hours and they got right to work. The final proposal was 300+ pages and rather complex to create, not to mention price. Within only 22 days, Blackdragon took us from a flat start to finished proposal, complete with all bid teammates and all proposed key personnel intact. We WON!”