Large IT Integrator Firm

“Our company is very large and is richly steeped in processes, budget control gates and managerial hierarchies. We are proud, perhaps too proud sometimes, of our brand of processes for capture and proposal preparation. But processes and control, no matter how thorough and precise, are no longer what drives contract wins. On the contrary, inventiveness, […]

Small Business, Specializing in Application Development and Testing

“We’ve worked with so many different proposal consulting shops. They are all pretty much the same. Not impressed. Blackdragon was referred to us by a mutual acquaintance. We discovered firsthand that Blackdragon is not anything like all the other “us too” resume pushers. Thank goodness. After a number of exchanges to lock in on the […]

HUBzone, Small Business Specializing in High-End IT Services

“We used Blackdragon to help us pursue a 70+ FTE enterprise IT services contract with DoD that was fiercely defended by the strong incumbent. Lucky for us, Blackdragon provided senior SME’s without conflicts of interest that were former members and leaders of this very contract with unmatched knowledge that helped improve our proposal in so […]

Mid-Size Professional Services Firm

“We were pleased with Blackdragon’s new take on providing capture support via their Capture-as-a-Service menu of on-demand products. Our firm had identified a very large upcoming opportunity with part of DoD that we had outstanding relevant past performance for but no contracts and relationships. A contract of this magnitude was a stretch but determined to […]

Mid-Size Global Enterprise IT Services Provider

“Our company has turned to Blackdragon on multiple occasions for some of the largest, most technically complex and most challenging bids of the year. Their crowdsourced Deal Teams of industry experts always form very quickly around the specific opportunity perfectly complementing our internal personnel and resources maximizing our PWin for each deal. They are consistently […]

Large IT and Professional Services Company

“Blackdragon intrigued us. Being completely outcome-oriented and jointly accountable for winning instead of simply providing hourly “support,” they are unlike any org we’ve ever worked with. Our leadership decided to pursue a bluebird as our first encounter with Blackdragon. With no incumbency, zero teammates, no capture whatsoever we wanted to bid on recompete IDIQ at […]

Small Business, Strategy and Technology Management Consulting Firm

“We WON! Blackdragon’s fixed price Deal Team of experts worked with us for months ahead of time and then prepared the entire proposal for us. They were total professionals throughout, they worked fast but still folded right in with our internal people and culture. Their decisive leadership backed by seasoned knowledge on what to do, […]

HUBzone, SDVOSB IT Services and Engineering Firm

“Blackdragon has always shot straight with us and helped us view prospect opportunities from an objective viewpoint. To them, it’s all about winning the contract, not about them billing us for the hours logged. We always appreciate their wise, yet sincere candor and brutal honesty where it’s appropriate and of course, their shared enthusiasm when […]

Small Business, Management, Strategy and Technology Firm

“We used Blackdragon to help us prepare for and ultimately to bid on the GSA Alliant-2 Small Business GWAC. It was much more work than we originally estimated so Blackdragon’s fixed price + incentive business model turned out to be much more cost-effective than if we had tried to accomplish the same amount of effort […]