Small Business, Specializing in Application Development and Testing

“We’ve worked with so many different proposal consulting shops. They are all pretty much the same. Not impressed. Blackdragon was referred to us by a mutual acquaintance. We discovered firsthand that Blackdragon is not anything like all the other “us too” resume pushers. Thank goodness. After a number of exchanges to lock in on the right opportunity to pursue, we worked with Blackdragon to win one of the largest contracts we’ve ever attempted in our company’s history. To us, it was massive—approximately 300 FTE’s performing across many locations—but a thorough analysis and deep cross examination inspired us to go for it. It was a no-brainer that we would need Blackdragon to take point on leading the entire effort at this level. Their Deal Team stepped up to the plate, filled in the gaps everywhere we needed them and even recruited several big-hitter large firms with incumbency to become key subs which was huge. Although the Dragons cohesively interacted with our staff as an integrated team, our leadership enjoyed the peace of mind of knowing they wouldn’t let anything slip through the cracks along the way. Blackdragon led us in creating an amazing proposal.”