Large, $90+ Million/Year IT Services Firm

“Blackdragon came highly recommended so our first experience with them was to pursue a cybersecurity contract with NGA. It looked like a great fit for our company, but we were disadvantaged by having no capture, no teammates and no available internal resources available to respond to the Task Order. The RFP had been released earlier and there were only 2 weeks left to do everything. Total bluebird yes, but we wanted to try. Practically overnight, Blackdragon formed a full Deal Team of extraordinary experts that hit the ground running as a united force. In only 11 days from start to finish, they formed and launched this high-performing Deal Team of SME’s, found and recruited all bid teammates to join us, facilitated all paperwork between firms, prepared all volumes of the proposal and successfully found + recruited + got signed Letters of Commitment from 20+ SME’s that were put into the proposal by name. We still had several days to spare before the proposal was due. We are a 20-year-old company of professionals and this is what we do—but we’ve never seen anything like this. Blackdragon was truly amazing.”